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Camel Acrylic Matt Medium

Camel Acrylic Matt Medium

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Acrylic mediums are used to control how the paint moves on the palette, or the consistency of the paint, and can also be used to lengthen the drying time of the acrylic paint.


Acrylic mediums can also affect how matte or glossy the acrylic painting is once it completely dries.


Other mediums can be used to refract light and color, add texture to acrylic paintings, and to adhere collage items to paintings.


The Camel Acrylic Matt Medium is a quick drying thinning medium for acrylic colors which gives a matt finish.


An acrylic painting medium that gives a non-glossy finish to the colour film while painting.


Light gel medium used in acrylic painting

Gives a matte effect while maintaining vibrancy of the colours

Light, whitish gel which turns absolutely transparent on drying

Does not alter tone and shade of the colour

100% vegan



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