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Pourfect HydroCast Kit - 3.5Kg

Pourfect HydroCast Kit - 3.5Kg

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HydroCast is a two-component, water-based, and ecofriendly casting system. Completely non toxic and sustainable, HydroCast can be used to create functional as well as decorative items with a matte finish. It can be further coated with varnish or epoxy for a glossy appearance. HydroCast demolds within an hour and has unmatched flow properties with a Pourfect promise of best in class bubble release mechanism.


Technical information:


Mixing ratio: 1 parts of liquid to be mixed with 2.5 parts of base by weight


Initial set: 15 minutes


Demolding time: 30 minutes to an hour


Contains 2.5kg base and 1kg hardener

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