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Pilot Hi-TechPoint V5 Cartridge Pen - Red Ink

Pilot Hi-TechPoint V5 Cartridge Pen - Red Ink

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Hi-Tecpoint V5 refillable - Liquid Ink Rollerball pen - Red - Begreen - Fine Tip

A world premiere: Pilot introduces the first liquid ink pen with a cartridge system. The legendary precision-writing quality of Pilot V5/V7 is now more cost-efficient (refill it!) and more environmentally friendly.

• Cost-efficient, refillable up to 10 times with guaranteed smoothness.

• Environmental friendly: made of 71.6% recycled plastic material (excluding replaceable parts).

• Hi-Tecpoint rollerball & Liquid ink for excellent writing quality and extra bright colours

• Exclusive V-System regulator ensures consistent ink flow

• Two writing styles: fine tip (0.5 mm) or medium tip (0.7 mm).

• One type of refill for both V5 and V7 pens

• 4 colours available : blue, black, red and green. Together, we can make a difference and help save our planet's resources. By producing a Begreen V5 Refillable liquid ink pen with recycled plastic, Pilot is reducing the carbon footprint of the pen compared to the same pen produced without recycled plastic. But it does not stop there, by refilling it at least 3 times, you would be offsetting the carbon dioxide emissions too. From the manufacturing through to the end of the product life, it is estimated that buying this Begreen pen and refilling it 3 times reduces the total environmental impact of the pen by -81%** compared to buying an additional 3 new pens. A small gesture can make a significant difference in our fight against climate change!

Hi tecpoint for ultra-precise lines with an awesome writing comfort.

Made with 71.6%* of recycled plastic (excluding consumables), to reduce our impact on the environment.

Pen with cap.

Refillable product more economical and respectful of the environment.

Excellent writing comfort and precise lines thanks to the free-flowing and vibrant coloured liquid ink.

Ink Colour : Blue

Refillable : Yes

Tip size in mm : 0.50 mm

Writing width : 0.30 mm

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