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Liquitex Professional Glazing Medium 237 ML

Liquitex Professional Glazing Medium 237 ML

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Increases color depth, transparency and surface gloss

Dries quickly for rapid layering

Lowers viscosity and minimizes brush strokes

Extends your color further without affecting acrylic stability

Maintains paint adhesion, durability and archival quality

Use with transparent and semi-transparent colors for rich glazed effects. Mix with Slo-Dri Medium or Slow-Dri Fluid Additive if you want to extend working time.

Can be thinned by diluting with up to 25% water - distilled water will give best results

Mix as much as you like into acrylic color to create the viscosity and transparency you want - the more you add, the thinner and more transparent your color will become

Stir gently to avoid creating foam - if bubbles appear, leave it to sit while the bubbles rise and disappear. Apply to dry, painted areas to change coloration without losing established detail.

Color will temporarily lighten and then return to its original level when dry

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