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Liquitex Professional Flow-Aid Additive Medium 118 ML

Liquitex Professional Flow-Aid Additive Medium 118 ML

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Dramatically increase the flow of your color/mediums while minimizing brush strokes.

Breaks water tension to improve flow and lower viscosity

Gives a smooth finish with less brush strokes due to reduced surface friction

Increases transparency and makes color more absorbent and blendable

Do not use Flow Aid undiluted as it results in poor acrylic adhesion, cracking, tackiness and water sensitivity

Fully intermixable with all Liquitex products

How to Use

First dilute your concentrated Flow Aid with water - 1 part Flow Aid to 20 parts water - distilled water will give the best results. Use 1 part Flow Aid to 10 parts water if you want a more concentrated effect

Add up to 25% of diluted Flow Aid to your color/medium and stir slowly to avoid foaming. If it does foam, leave it to sit while the foam disappears

If applying to an absorbent surface, your color/medium will sink in like a stain or dye; if using on a non-absorbent surface your color/medium will be more fluid and take longer to dry

As this is an additive – with no acrylic binders - do not add more than 25% to your color/medium and do not mix with other additives. This can cause excessive shrinkage, cracking and the acrylic film to break down

Do not shake or stir too vigorously as foam will form

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