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Jags Mica Powder Copper Pack of 12 Each Shades

Jags Mica Powder Copper Pack of 12 Each Shades

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1. Material: Mica Powder | Set of 12 Colors| Each Color Conatins 12 Grams of Mica Powder.

2. Wide Spectrum of Colors: Offers an extensive range of colors to choose from, allowing for vibrant and diverse artistic expressions.

3. Versatile Applications: Suitable for various mediums such as resin, acrylic, soap, and more, providing flexibility in creative projects.

4. High Pigment Concentration: Ensures intense and rich color payoff with a small amount, enhancing the cost-effectiveness of the pigment.

5. Ideal for Resin Art and DIY Crafts: Specifically formulated to excel in resin art and various DIY projects, providing stunning results.

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