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Epoke Quick Coat Resin 2:1 (1.5Kg)

Epoke Quick Coat Resin 2:1 (1.5Kg)

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EPOKE Quick Coat Resin 2:1 for Art is a high-quality epoxy resin specifically designed for artists and craft enthusiasts to enhance and protect their creative projects. This versatile and easy-to-use resin is formulated to provide a glossy, durable, and crystal-clear finish that accentuates the beauty of your artwork. Whether you're working on paintings, jewelry, crafts, or any other artistic endeavor, EPOKE Quick Coat Resin is a reliable choice for achieving professional-looking results.


Key Features :

Mixing Ratio 2:1

Great for Crystal Clear Top Coat

Pot Life :30mins @ 28Deg C

Fast cure -5-6 hours touch dry @28 Deg C

Stain Resistant 

New UV Blue Technology

Area Coverage: 1kg covers 12-13 sqft in 1mm thickness.


Technical Details:

Detail Time Temperature

 Pot Life 

30 mins

@ 28-32 deg C

Overcoat time

5 hours

@ 28-32 deg C

Touch dry

5-6 hours

@ 28-32 deg C

Cure to handle

12 hours

@ 28-32 deg C

Full internal cure

72 hours

@ 28-32 deg C

Single Pour Upto 10mm @25 deg C

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