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Electric Drill Tool Set Portable USB

Electric Drill Tool Set Portable USB

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▪︎Easy To Use : USB data cable power supply, easy to use. There is a switch on the USB cable for easy control. Just unscrew the card halfway, insert the drill bit you need, and tighten the head to complete the installation. Turn on the power and turn on the switch to drill holes.

▪︎Small And Portable : Small size, lightweight, easy to carry, comfortable grip, easy to control when punching. There will be no instability, and teenagers can also operate it.

▪︎Multi-purpose : It can be used for cutting, engraving, milling, grinding, polishing, removing, drilling, and spraying PCB circuit boards, quasi-view boards, thin metals, thin aluminum, etc. Great help for DIY projects, such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, keychains, models, sculptures, dolls, etc. Enjoy creating art projects.

▪︎High-Quality Materials : Made of high-quality materials and small in size. The clamping range of the drill bit is 0.7-1.2 mm in diameter, which is more time-saving, labor-saving, efficient, and accurate than manual hand drills. It is very suitable for any hobby or precision work.

▪︎Strong Power : Using a power motor, the operation is efficient and simple. In the process of work, it saves time and effort, is fast, efficient, and perfect.

▪︎Material: Metal

▪︎Color: Random

▪︎Power Supply: DC 5V

▪︎USB Cable Length: approx. 1.95meter / 6.40inch

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