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Brustro Artists Oil Pastel Set of 48

Brustro Artists Oil Pastel Set of 48

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Assorted set of 48 high-end oil pastels with a smooth velvety finish.

Rich vivid colours with a high pigment load.

Blends easily and is great for layering and shading.

Fade-resistant; formulated with finely ground pigments to give even colour with a wide coverage.

Perfect for creating illustrations, drawings, realistic art, etc., it can be used on paper, boards and canvas; ideal for professionals and students alike.

Shades - White,Lemon Yellow,Cadmium Yellow,Chrome Yellow,Gamboge,Orange,Vermilion,Crimson,Burgundy,Lavender,Bubblegum,Rose Pink,Amethyst,Royal Purple,Prussian Blue,Cobalt Blue,Cerulean,Sky Blue,Mint Green,Pastel Green,Yellow Green,Bud Green,Viridian

Bottle Green,Pthalo Green,Flesh Tint,Yellow Ochre,Skin Tone Medium,Raw Sienna,Burnt Sienna,Red Oxide,Vandayke Brown,Raw Umber,Neutral Grey,Stone Grey,Black,Fl White,Fl Neon Yellow,Fl Orange Yellow,Fl Orange,Fl Scarlet,Fl Hot Pink,Fl Fuchsia, Fl Sapphire Blue,Fl Yellow Green,Fl Green,Silver,Gold,

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